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I recently saw a video clip from the supposed "motion picture film killer" camera called "Red One", it has many in the industry giddy. The clip was videoed by Peter Jackson and I thought it looked terrible. Sure it was quite sharp but it had that digital look that I have trouble describing, sort of compressed unnatural like many of the dslr shots I see. I also found it interfered with my eyes ability to focus which made it difficult to watch. However everyone is raving about it. Oh well..
There are Quicktimes of this scattered around on the web. Having viewed one, I quite agree with your assessment. Sharp, yes, but "disingenous".

As has been the case with a lot of cinematic technologies over the past 115 years, however, I bet it will be the financiers and not the artists who determine whether it's adopted or not

P. Jackson has always been at the forefront of the techno-idiocy uptake (witness the "King Kong" CGI-bloatfest) and it does not suprise me he would be an early adopter.