Hi Folks,

Thanks for all the updates: Here's the latest list of people who haven't yet received or confirmed that they received a print:
  1. Dianna*
  2. Gay Larson
  3. Marc Leest*
  4. dschneller*
  5. reellis67*
  6. Anupam Basu*
  7. BWKate*
  8. morpheuse*
  9. jeroldharter
  10. Dan Fullerton*
  11. dylder
  12. jlsmackenzie*
  13. Rlibersky
  14. chrisofwlp*
  15. Shadow Images*
  16. Stan160
The asterisk (*) still indicates that the print was sent according to the sender. In two weeks time, I will assume the print was received.

We're down to 5 people who haven't sent their prints, so get printing people! I'll send an e-mail reminder soon.

Regards, Art.