Paul, I would assume that the minimum purchase for a retailer is one box of anything. Freight is obviously an issue but I would think any retailer would piggy back it onto a group order.

I have had another look at the CR Kennedy web site and have to say that they don't help themselves with trying to sell Ilford product.

You cannot find a mention of any film based Ilford product on the site, so how are we as consumers, supposed to know what we can or cannot order?

Before Christmas I was after a 12x16" box of Ilford paper, Vanbar didn't have it in the surface I was after. I was told they would order it in and it would be about a week, first week of December actually. Well the first week came and as I was travelling into the city I telephoned and found out that yes there was some paper with the surface I was after, I trundled in and picked it up.

The Monday later I received a phone call from their sales staff, wondering whether I still wanted to have my paper as it was now in stock. I informed the staff member that I had actually picked up my paper on the Saturday, fine she said and crossed my name off the list of customers to ring. I think in this day and age, that is a good sign of an astute business set-up.