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Can anyone advise where I can get 5x7 E6 processing done in Australia. I have had no problem with either 4x5 or 8x10, and routinely send that off for processing with no problems. However to date I have not found anyone who can do 5x7.

Anyone have any recommendations? Processing myself is not an option at the moment.

thanks in advance
Hi there Craig,

Have you tried Photo Technica here in Sydney? http://www.phototechnica.com.au/

I've never used them for anything other than 35mm but their pricelist (which you can download off their website) says that they can do E6, C41 and B&W processing of 5x7 for $8.36 ea.

Hope this helps. If you do end up using them, let us know how good their service is for LF processing.