you were there with me last year and I can say I was just as upset with this years opening , but at least I was ready for it.
I brought a few people who had not been to contacts opening before and after about 5 mins asked me what the hell we were doing there. Speeches that made no sense, lousy prints on coroplast, ink jet prints hanging on the outside walls that were already fading to green, and $8 beers that were in small bottles.
I was well behaved this year and left without a whimper.
Decided to go to Grano and have a nice meal and to our suprise a nice little black and white show was on the walls that totally out shone the contact opening events prints so the evening was not a complete waste.
I will be going to the Wrap party just to see if I can raise my blood pressure again.
Have fun on your travels

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I wish I could go up there and organize another tour. Unfortunately (or not) I'll be heading out to SoCal next week and then, I'll be heading to Isreal the last week in May. Too busy. You guys have a blast. This year's offerings look pretty good. Anyone go the opening night last week? When you do go to any of the exhibits, give us details. We want details. Enquiring minds want to know.

Regards, Art.