joe--I'm not sure who the intended market would be now, but not so many years ago, a lot of volume printing was done in commercial labs & studios using contact printers like the ones Stouffer made. Studios used to shoot sheet film, and strip in with text with masks, and print off large volumes of catalog info as photo prints--not offset--but actual photo paper, although my experience was with color mostly. So--no it doesn't surprise me that it's made in RC. It could have been used for aerial as some suggested, or it could be for PR work, catalog etc.

btw--I print glass plates at work on an old multilamped contact printer--the kind with movable stages, switchable lamps. I used to get Oriental Portrait in RC and use that, and it was such a slow paper with nice long scale--worked really good for old nitrate negs, and glass plates. I can't get it anymore, and now use MG warmtone and I have to flash that paper to hold the highlight detail and use a harder contrast grade as well. If the Foma paper has a long scale, it might work pretty good for the plates. I need to be able to use a machine processor, so the fact that's it on RC won't bother me, nor that it's matte. If I could find a paper to match the scale of a 100-120 yr old glass plate--it would be a help. Fiber base doesn't help that much.