Clay Harmon has been instrumental in helping me with pt/pd printing. As you all know I just started doing this and he has helped me get over the many "humps" the process has. As I was corresponding with him I complained I had no point of reference other than the couple of pt prints I had purchased. Well, next day Clay sent me a surprise! 4 count them, 4 prints! they are all variations of the same image, some with gum over, and the one he specially liked a straight pd print. I have to tell you all Clay is a wonderful photographer with a very good eye and his printing is phenomenal! I wish I could show you this print, rich warm tones, glowing whites.......ah, I see I still have a lot to learn but I am very greatful to Clay for his advice, patience with my dumb questions and specially now for the wonderful gift.

Just one question Clay?.......what the heck are you doing sitting on your butt in front of a pc?!?! should be hitting the galleries, certainly your work is among the best I have seen!

Again thank you Clay for such a nice gift! to the rest if you did not join the traveling portfolio you will miss such wonderful work. Heck I might now have to work extra hard just so I am not embarrased.