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I've had a bit of a think about this lack of Ilford film products on the official Ilford importer and distributor web site.

It strikes me as odd that something like a year after taking over the distribution of what is really a major B&W film and paper product, there is absolutely no mention of anything that I can find on their website, about Ilford film and paper.

Either the rep, is stretched, the distributor doesn't care, or there is a SNAFU of monumental proportions in the making. I have a tendency to think it may be a combination of all these things

If retailers start to drop off Ilford film products from their websites, then it would only be a short time before schools start to have second thoughts about whether the product is still available. If schools drop off Ilfords radar, then stools will be hitting the fan at Harmon, I would suggest

Some extracts from CR Kennedy's marketing approach:

Marketing Approach

"The company's founder, Mr. Clem. Kennedy, established an operating philosophy that still guides us today. He believed in high turnover and low margins. ..... We believe it is essential to keep our suppliers fully informed of all developments in the market. All major suppliers receive a full sales and inventory report every month together with an in-depth market analysis.
C.R. Kennedy has the expertise, the marketing force, the experience and the advertising power to build brands dramatically in the Australasian market. Any lines handled by C.R. Kennedy receive sales, representation and service second to none in Australia and New Zealand."

(my emphasis added)

Mick, if you could perhaps cite some examples of how CR Kennedy are neglecting to represent Ilford's products to the Australian marketplace, I think we should then consider mentioning the situation to Simon.
You've already mentioned how there are no Ilford products on their website, and I agree it is rather slack. Do you know of any other problems?