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Has anyone here done much work with Ziatypes from B&S? Reason I ask, is I had one of the small kits that I did some work with last summer, then got caught up with several other things and yesterday, decided to pull it out a try some more printing. The Lithium Palladium Sol. (No. 3) had turned a dark brown (which may the color it was when it arrived, do not remember) and the Ammonium Ferric Oxalate Sol. (No. 1) was light green - do not remember what it looked like either.

Went ahead a mixed some up and coated some paper (cream to light brown surface) and exposed a negative - took maybe 5 minutes in Texas sun.

Any thoughts?

Those are the normal colors for those chemicals. The palladium should be fine indefinitely as long as you don't contaminate it. The Ferric is on the old side, but if works well and you see no indications of fogging, then go ahead and use it.