Since I built my darkroom from the walls in and floor up I guess all of it is "rigged". I started with a space in the basement that was just studs. My positive ventilation is kinda perched up above the darkroom door with it's double filters showing and the aluminum ducting laying on top of the drop ceiling. The worst problem I've had with something I've modified is the paint on truckbed liner I put on the sink, it doesn't stick to the stainless steel, which is a cheap grade that tries to rust at the drop of a hat. It's peeled off the bottom in huge patches and will eventually be totally bare full length. I've also had to jury rig the silver recovery unit, one of the pumps died a horrible mushy death when the magnet that couples the impeller to the motor disintegrated so I set it where it can drain with the help of mister gravity. So far though every thing works like I intended, I just need to learn to work like a master photographer. That might take me until I'm 70 or 80.