Last month after reading this thread,

since I had another shoot planned to illustrate one of my wife's occasional magazine articles, I attempted to purchase a box of 4x5 RTP II to go with the four 120 rolls of Fuji's old version still in my freezer. No such luck. So I bought 20 QuickLoad sheets of the new T64 and hoped for the best.

On the way home from work yesterday I picked up finished tranparencies from the lab. Images for the cover and some full page shots were on 4x5 T64; the rest had been exposed on 120 RTP II. Bottom line: everything J.M. says in the linked thread is correct. While one might easily compensate for what appears to be an actual film speed of 80, the yellow-green cast is obnoxious. I send this publication transparencies which it scans with the goal of matching in print what's on film. Not a good idea for T64!

I'm going to reshoot the 4x5 images using one of my three remaining 120 rolls of RTP II to complete this round. Our next article isn't planned for another nine months. Between now and then I'll need to decide whether film is still viable for this. It just might be time to ride a different horse on this course.