My 12 year old daughter came home from school today with a Disposable Fuji Film camera in tow..
Apparently, the class is to take photo's of "Their Community" and, once the film is developed, decide on one or two of their favourite shots to enlarge for a competition of sorts.
Fuji provided the cameras and will develop the film once exposed. All the children have to do, is pay for the two enlargements.. a couple of €'s at most?
She's completely enthused about the whole idea, and is already thinking of areas in the town that she wants to go out and take pictures of..
I really think it's an absolutely wonderful idea and think Fuji deserve big Kudos for this initiative.
Not only are they're instilling the love of film photography into future generations but in the process making more thoughtful and selective photographers and getting kids up and out of the house to boot.