Just to update you -

The outlook for wildflowers this year is pretty bleak in most of the state. Escept for Ironwood! Apparently they got quite a bit of rain (relative term here). When I was out there a couple of weeks ago I saw large areas of small green plants which are apparently the wildflowers. They just need to grow a bit and they should produce some nice blooms. This might get a bit tricky. The weather has been warm, but no rain. Some say these flowers need a bit more rain to really do well. The good news is that this weekend it looks like we might get some. Hopefully this will help the flowers. I am hoping to head out to Ironwood again in a week or so to see how things are out there flower-wise. I'll update you when I do.

Also, I'd like to talk about sights to visit there. There are a lot of things to see in Ironwood. There are petroglyph sites, the old Silverbell cemetary (which is very interesting), lots of scenic vistas, tons of cacti and other desert plants, as well as ghost town called Sasco on the way out. If anyone has any preferences or things they'd like to see in particular, let me know and we can kind of work on the various options for our route.

I am also not "locked into" Ironwood 100%. If there are a few other places or things people want to see in the area, we can do that too.