Well said Jorge, I think we all have a particular look we prefer and that is the one we attempt to emulate. In this vein, it does not matter the medium - silver, gum, plt/pld - oil or water color. The point is, why not accept that others do not have to like the same format or media, at least there are still people out there using more than one part of their brain, and maybe something a little deeper.

Clay, having never seen a gum over platinum, but respect you and your work so will say nothing more than will have to get out and see one in person. My personal opinion is that Most photographic medium does something for me - dags/albumen/plt/sliver - I don't find one better than the other any more than I find any of the master photographers better than another...heck I still think a tin type is pretty neat..doesn't mean I want to go out and make some.