A few years ago some friends took me to a Dutch auction, all cstarter well a lot of excellent brand new items were auctioned very cheaply, one the crowd was in the mood the cameras came up for sale.

Very similar in spec to the Nokina these were badged as Canomatics, touted as 500 systems ($1000) direct from the manufacturer they began to sell well, and they were selling for between 80 and 100. Big burly bouncers (security guards) kept dissenters quiet by ushering them out.

Within a few minutes hundreds of cameras jhad been sold, the bouncers kept an eye out for anyone complaining, the whole auction was a total scam, but unfortunately totally legal.

Last year a building labourer working on my house offered me a Nikon sounding version, he genuinely thought it was too valuable and complex for him to take on his annual holidays. The truth was only the outfit case was fit for purpose and well made the camera and flash were possibly useable but even a disposable film camera would give better results.