I suppose this is a good place to ramble....

A year and a half ago or so I joined a local volunteer-operated visual-art gallery organization, mostly painters, a few photographers, sculptors etc. One thing I've noticed about the digital photographers is that given the slightest opportunity they blather endlessly about their tools of the trade and what they're doing with them....exactly the same way we used to hotly debate the RF vs SLR wars, or whether or not a light meter should be put into a camera, that sort of thing.

IOW, I see a lot of _enthusiasm_.

This is as opposed to us "traditional" photographers. Seems like at least the few I see tend to talk about anything but photography. There's no fire and hardly any smoke. It's just disheartening.

What if anything are you guys doing locally "on the hoof" to participate in the world of traditional photography and keep your and others' enthusiasm alive?