Firstly, the offer applies to all customers. We encourage International customers to order the free sample pack. We've had over 30 responses on our website in less than 12 hours, several of them from overseas printers.

Secondly, we'd like to see a whiter version appear in the near future. Our discussions with Crane indicate that they are interested, but that the demand would have to be great enough to constitute a change in the formulation.

The current paper is made to a government standard available here in PDF form. If they added any sort of brighteners to the paper, it would no longer meet the specifications.

Despite that, if this paper proves as popular as the original Crane's Cover Stock (AKA Platinotype) then I would expect we might be able to convince them to run a batch of bright white just for us in the next year or so.

Third, I've just talked to my brother, Kevin, and he's informed me that we can include several sheets of the new Japanese Kozo papers we are now carrying! I'm pretty sure the papers are 11"x14" in size, so we'll be adding those to all of the requests we receive! Pricing will be posted in the next few days.

Thanks for the enormous response, APUG members!

Dana Sullivan
Bostick & Sullivan