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I plan on working in 11x14 and something more square such as 14x14. I have been interested for quite awhile. The process has seen quite a revival with many photogs using period cameras and lenses or period replicas. There are quite a few who work with Civil War re-enactment groups and there are those such as Luther Gerlach who explore the process from a more artisitc approach. I am planning on taking a workshop late winter or spring to learn how to coat and process the plates and to learn the finer points of working with the chemistry.
Please us updated on your progress...I find this to be a really interesting process. Have always been fascinated with the fact that many of the early prints from the west were done with wet plate, how the heck did those guys do that? Did O'Sullivan use a wet plate for the more or less famous shot of White House Ruin in Canyon de Chelly? Knowing what it took to just get the equipment down there and having held one of the prints from the negative...Wow!

Thanks for the information.