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Early june would be good for me. It's only 45 mins down the road for me so I'll save my green cards for nights away for longer trips

Do you think this would be a good spot for some IR Peter? If so could you give us all a primer?
If the sun is out, then the Rock will be a great spot for IR. That second ruin we went to at Clonmacnoise would have been class for IR if the weather was better.

David was asking me the same question recently so I just copied my response here:

"Over the last few years I mainly used the Maco 820c ISO100 IR film. It is discontinued now but Efke are making an exact replacement which is available from www.retrophotographic.com or www.freestylephoto.biz

The strongest IR film available is Kodak's HIE which is made in 35mm only and you can get it from Gunns on Wexford Street. Gunns should also have Ilford's SFX film which is a near Infrared film but a good one to start with.

I used both Kodak's and Ilford's IR films but settled on the Maco/Efke as it was available in 120. The Efke films sensitivity is somewhere between the Ilford and Kodak films. The only other IR film being made at present is the Rollei IR820 ISO400 film but it is only available online like the Efke and not as strong an IR effect, but it is faster so I plan to test it out soon."

I will just add that the Kodak HIE must be loaded and unloaded in darkness so unless you have two cameras or two film backs, you will only get to shoot one roll.

You will need a red filter for slight IR effet or an opaque filter for stronger IR effect. Ilford make a plastic, almost opaque filter, simply called an SFX Deep Red filter. Its very cheap compared to the glass ones available from other manufacturers. Here is some info on the SFX film: http://www.ilford.com/html/us_englis...00/sfx200.html

I would recommend starting with the SFX, as it is readily available from Gunns and made in 35mm & 120 and is much easier to use then the HIE. I can give you some help on exposure and developement advice when we are on the Rock.

Also there is plenty of info on IR films here on Apug.