I built my entire 5X7' darkroom against one wall in the garage (shared with the house) with materials scrounged at the local dump. They've since changed the laws and that could no longer be accomplished. Go figure. I bought drywall new so it doesn't look too bad. The sink is one of those old one piece cast iron affairs that had a drainboard on either side. So I have a U shaped counter in my tiny 5X7' area with the only non counter space where the door comes in. If I gain any more weight, I won't be able to get my butt in far enough to close the door around myself. The old bathroom vent/light/heater was also found at the dump. Even in Tonopah where it can get butt cold, that little ceiling heater can get my little 5X7' room cozy in minutes. There's just enough room for the D2, three 11X14 trays, and a 16X20 wash tray. Oh, and a small stereo of course.