Hi Catherine,

I take my slide films (35mm) to Spectra photo on Patrick Street (Cork) not sure if they do 120. They send them away (to Tralee I think) and get them back in five working days. There was a place that did them same day but that has closed down. I've only just started using Spectra, I used to send them over to Fuji in England (fujilab.co.uk I think) but they take a couple of weeks to get back and occasionally get waylaid in the post. Pricewise I don't think there is much in it by the time you allow for currency conversion and postage etc. If I'm visiting my folks back home (England) I'll sometimes send a batch to Fuji and get them delivered there. I did try dlab7 ages ago but wasn't happy with some of the quality, I don't know if that was just me but I've been reluctant to go back to them.