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In my opinion, there isn't much difference in sharpness or detail between medium format and digital, but that is obviously up for debate...
I deal with digital, 35mm, mf (film and digital) and large format everyday.

Unless we're talking about a holga, there is a world of difference between digital and MF. If you are just talking about sharpness, breadth of colour, and latitude, film is far superior. If your talking about workflow, digital output, fast turn around and grainfree/pixel free smaller enlargements than digital is v good.

No flame is intended, but I keep hearing this said (by people who bring in their files, and on the net) and it simply is fantasy.

One thing that may lead people to believe this is when properly res'd up there is no grain minimal pixelation, but no *real* detail either.

Sorry for the rant. Back on topic...

35mm slr's do many things well and most everything at least ok. They are very versatile. You may wish to try a number of cameras with an eye toward specialization. RF's for street and travel, 2x3 horsman or similar for landscape and architectural or a box style slr for studio.

If you just want to grab the camera and 'go' shoot handheld and not have a lot to carry A rangefinder or TLR may be the ticket.

Just my 2