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This Mamiya package sounds nice. I've been toying with the idea of getting better MF equipment, but don't really know the in's and out's of the different offerings. I see someone mentioned Mamiya as being less expensive in terms of the lenses and other accessories. That is a huger consideration for me since I'm not planning on using this for commercial purposes, just my own fun. Not that I don't like my old TLR Ricohmatic, but it is a bit limiting in terms of lenses etc. etc.

Does anyone know of a good source, other than you folks, where I could get up to speed on MF cameras etc? I've been watching Ebay as well, and I haven't seen anything that seems as reasonalble as what Sean just scored! Nice one. How does Bronica fall in the hierarchy of MF cameras. Not that I have any experience with Bronica, just curious.
I also just managed to score an ebay deal for a 2 lens set, a 150mm C and 55mm C lens for my 645. The 55 was mint in the box, the 150 9+ with just a little wear to the bayonet. Got both lenses for $350US! So the deals are out there if you keep searching ebay. Looking forward to having this kit