I also have a Zorki(6) and a Fed(5) that I use for street-type photography. I usually load them with either Tri-X 400 or Delta 3200, rating both at 1200IE and then guesstimate like crazy on the exposure. I develope in Diafine which, if you're not already familiar with, is a two bath three minutes in each solution temperature can be anywhere from 70 degrees to 85 degrees F. one size fits most developer. If grain is an issue then my method won't work for you, but if a certain amount of "gritty realism" is in you mind's eye for your finished prints you will like what you get.

A lot of people - myself included - prefer the resulting grain of the Tri-X to the Delta. I have also found a little bit better shadow detail with the Tri-X, but that is purely subjective.

I usually take a couple of readings with a hand-held reflective meter - one in bright light, one in open shade - then leave my lens at the smallest aperture because I am using hyper focal distance focusing (there was a discussion about this here at APUG a few months back, so if this is a new concept to you do a search of the site - there are some good links in that thread) and then I adjust exposure by the shutter speed I choose.

Granted, my method is hit-and-miss, and if you're not talking about doing street/candid/grab-and-run photography, most of what I have just written will be utterly useless to you. But don't feel bad - I get that all the time.

Hope this helps!