Aggie, mrcallow, KwM, and the rest:

Thanks again!!!! I truly appreciate you guys taking the time to respond. KwM - I am going to do what you suggested. I recently started shooting B&W, and found that it is, for me, an immensely gratifying and satisfying experience, and can't believe I waited so long to do it. Developing the negs myself was not only fun, but i found the process so rewarding. I think this is what originally started getting me thinking about MF...I didn't get nearly the same gratification using Photoshop! But what you said really makes sense - at this stage of my photography, what I use really has nothing to do with much...I will take what I have and try to improve as much as I can on shooting B&Ws, and in a few years, go from there.

I really appreciate everyone's candidness and objectiveness. And yes, the next thing I'm going to have to buy is an enlarger...I guess I'll go to the darkroom forum to enquire about that. I'd love to do my own prints.