I could really use the troubleshooting section. My problem is that the shutter only fires when the mirror is flipped up or when the multi-exposure lever is pushed forward. There was one roll where the shutter fired without flipping the mirror lever, but I don't know how that happened. All the other rolls have required me to flip the mirror-up lever to fire the shutter.

When I look into the finder the right-hand LED lights up when the shutter button is pressed half way. It also blinks once when the exposure is over (which shows up best on 1/2 second exposures or longer...)

I put what I assume to be fresh batteries in the camera and the one LED works. I read that the button just behind the shutter speed button was supposed to be a battery check - when I press it nothing happens. I don't think it is bad batteries as the timed exposures all seem correct, even up to 16 seconds after flipping the shutter up.

Gregg Brekke