Ole, you are right on in your assessment of Efke R25. I would say, however, that it is closer in tonal scale to the old, discontinued ORWO 25 (then East Germany) than Adox. In fact, I would guess that Efke employs ORWO film support (substrate) for its current emulsions. Great film! Delivers amazing shadow detail, loves long exposures and doesn't block-up highlights. However, it is a good practice to pre-soak the film simply because it prevents any tendency to mottle in large hand-tanks (5 plus reels). I use the film with Acufine Developer because I like the grain structure that results and the negatives are clean and crisp. I could do without the increase in speed. Of course, Acufine is a very energetic developer which is all the more reason to presoak.

My experience is only with 120 6X6 cm negatives (since 1959) mostly landscape and fine art. Regards, David James.

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Jan, I love your pictures!

No film has been subject of so much rumor and just plain bovine excreta as EFKE R25. It's a film. It's as close as it's possible to get to the old ADOX R25. But it's not a thick-emulsion film, and there's no voodoo necessary to use it.

It no more requires pre-wash than any other film on the market. But pre-wash is often a good idea anyhow, at least IMHO. It certainly doesn't hurt.

It has no extra gelatine layer that must be removed. There is nothing at all that must be removed, and the film needs no extra precautions.

Maybe the gummy residue was just that - excess sticker glue? The roll films are taped to the backing; it's quite possible they've had a minor accident with the tape...