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Jorge, I think that you would have to have a sperate negative to compare these two prints fairly, one for the AZO and one pt/pd. Don't see any reason to determine which is best, each one has appeal. Some of your own posting would not look as good in sliver as they do pt/pd, plus for me there are some images that cry to have pt/pd look others really do look better in silver (some of them cry out to be toned) it just goes on and on and on.

Thanks for sharing ....
Not really, Jim's negative was excellent, I just chose to do the print this way. I could have done the print a bit more like the azo print, but then what is the use of making a pt/pd print that is going to look like a silver print? Essentially, negatives that are good for azo also produce very nice alt prints, I could have just as well done a Satista or a Kallitype. This is why Herbst says that azo is a good "proof" for printing pt/pd, because you can use the same negative. I disagree with this, the "look" is so totally different that it makes it useless for me.