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I would skip "composition" books entirely and go straight to the painters. Study the work of Johannes Vermeer, especially, as well as virtually any painter from the "Golden Age" of Dutch painting. Their compositions still rule the roost, for the most part, and studying them closely will really help you to develop a good eye for alignment of the various elements in an image.....


.....you can learn volumes by visiting any art museum and studying the compositions in paintings carefully. And, needless to say, study the compositions of great photographers, most especially Paul Strand, Cartier-Bresson, Ansel Adams, and many others.
You just made my day.

The above is the advice I dish out to people asking about composition and learning to photograph well. Photography is closely related to painting in the composition, we're just using different instruments to actually play the final score.

Course, nobody ever actually visits the museums and studies the things I suggest, but I keep on giving the same advice....