Hello Everyone,

I am looking to stock up on 4x5 sheet film. I do not want to go ready load. I really like ACROS 100 but it is not sold in 4x5 in non-ready load so that film is not a choice. Bummer. I have shot TMAX 100 for years but I want a change. In MF I use ACROS all the time so what is a good film in 4x5 that has nice grain structure for a 100 speed film with nice tonal range that can be pulled and pushed?

And I also need to get more 400-speed film. I did like HP5 but when is comes to pushing I do not like it too much. It is great when you need to pull back. What is a good 4x5 film that has nice grain, good tonal range and one that can be pulled or pushed. N-1, N-2 to N+1.

I am still using TMAX developer for now but I as soon as I run out I am moving to a new developer. I am considering the pyro route but havenít committed yet on the developer.

Thanks again,