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I understand that the most common way to get printable negs for POP is to (over)develop. I'm in the habit of being lazy, and using diafine, or stand folgernol, for my developing, neither of which are particularly suited to pushing contast... Not that I can't change my ways, but for educational reasons if nothing else, need I? Is there some other (easy) way, whether through film choice or exposure or what have you, which would allow me to get decent results without my having to develop finicky developing habits?

Thanks for your forbearance in advance... It's just that I'm approaching a darkroom free period.... and I'm lazy
What I do for cyanotypes might also work for POP. When I want to make a cyanotype print from a normally developed negative I first make a contrasty print on variable contrast RC paper. I then contact print the RC print onto film to produce my negative, and use this negative to make the cyanotype. I use Fine Grain Positive Sheet film because it was inexpensive when I bought it, and you can also tweak the contrast of the film somewhat by how long you develop it. The fact that you can use it with a safelight in the darkroom is also nice.