A lot of good advice here, from some obvioulsy eager enthusiasts. I'd start lurking around Ebay for stuff like enlargers, timers, trays, etc. etc. I still am! You can pretty much get everything from Ebay if you want.

From all the watching I've done, I'd be if you are a little patient you could get a whole basic darkroom setup for anywhere from $200-$400 and up. You can usually get someone going digital so you have everything you need. You can always start upgrading after you get into it.

I was very close to buying a standard beginner 35mm englarger when I realized that if I ever wanted to print anything Medium format or even Large format, I'd have to get another enlarger. Just a few short years ago I thought all I'd ever do was 35mm, now I do all three (Ebay is awesome). I see Omega D-2 enlargers all over Ebay, and that is what I have. I originally wanted a color one so I didn't have to mess with filters for contrast, but that's not how it worked out and I'm happy using filters.

When I was new, I picked up a book called "Into Your Darkroom Step By Step". There are lots of books out there. This one is very basic, but does give you a pretty good start. Welcome and Good luck.