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I received my prints today, back from the conference. A hearty note of thanks to the conference staff for returning them in pristine condition. I greatly appreciate it.

On the side: One of my prints was printed on Ron Mowrey's hand-coated silver chloride paper. I entered it on somewhat of a dare from another thread. If anyone remembers seeing the Coca-Cola sign on the brick building, that was the one.
Alex was most kind to send me one of these prints along with the Azo counterpart. I thank him for this. The prints show the professional quality of his work.

I hope to have the opportunity to proudly show these prints, with due credit to Alex and thanks, to my former associates at Kodak who have been following my endeavors, and also some fellow professionals in Rochester including conservators and instructors at George Eastman House.

Alex is a very excellent photographer. A professional in the truest sense.

His mounting, display and packaging were impeccable. The quality of his prints were unquestionably amongst the highest I have seen.

Ron Mowrey