Hi l Gebhard

the name of the paper is CPS1K Universal Cat#1433429
This paper we use on the Lambda and on traditional enlarger
I beleive it is the original emulsion from the 80"s that we used before the lower contrast papers of the 90's were introduced
If you know how to make contrast masks with highlight seperators you can use this paper for all applications on a traditional enlarger.
I prefer this paper over the lower contrast versions for many reasons. the main reason would be its ability to record the blue spectrum of transparancies.
When Ciba Geigi sold to International Paper , Ilford had to change the name therefore ilfochrome, this has led to a lot of confusion as Ilford was or is offering a lower price paper which used direct printing techniques. A lot of people confused the two products . therefore I have continued to call this cibachrome - developed in P3X chemistry
hope this helps
Bob Carnie