Recently it occurred to me ( as I am certain such thoughts have to others here ) that a really interesting use of one of my point and shoot digital cameras ( or even one of the SLRs except for the added weight ) would be to use such a camera as a "polaroid back "to be used as an aid to framing and composing photgraphs taken with my 4x5. We might all agree that digital cameras lend themselves to taking pictures from various angles and seeing the results instantly as one places various subjects to the left or right of the frame. Since film is usually " at a premium" with LF photographers, and each exposure is usually very carefully considered, why not take advantage of the availability of easy to use and light digital "credit card cameras" to walk about a scene of interest while one takes "instant" photos of the scene in question? Such digital pictures need not be technically perfect, and one realizes the inherent differences with angle of view, etc. However, many digital cameras have lenses with impressive zooming capabilities, and it is quite possible to approximate the viewing angle contemplated with ones LF lenses. It might even be possible to view the scene in black and white on the LCD. Throw that 4 oz digital right next to your meter...right?