in contrast to many other people who are comming the MF from 35mm world I am taking the other way round. Just a year ago I entered the LF world with 4x5 Tachihara (what a joy!) and now I would like to try out the middle way.

As most of mine investment still goes into LF (tripod head, lenses, holders, ...) I do not have too much left for this adventure. Let's say - the very top would be $200.

So - originally (before the LF) I was lusting after Mamiya 6 (I like ti square!) but found it too expensive (at that point I was not fully aware of the expenses in LF .

So I consider something cheaper, but still capable of good results. Indeed the cameras I have mentioned are supposed to be all good although they may not play the same league. 124(G) is supposed the be the cheapest, Rolleicord simply good and Autocord (my preference) hard to find. Working lightmeter would be a nice plus but not a necessity

So - finaly my questions: - if you would compare these three in the sense of the features that makes the life esay or difficult ( focusing screen , focusing, setting the aperture and shutter speed, changing the film etc) and also in the way the image is rendered.

I guess all of them are pretty good once stopped to f/11 but what about f4? Vigneting? Softness? What about the "bookeh" ?

Last but not least - planned usage: To be able to take it everywhere, so landscapes, cityscapes, occasional portraits.

I am located in Germany close to Frankfurt, but I am not really aware of any good camera workshop or a place where one could find such a camera. eBay is allways there, but well, you know.

Your opinions and suggestions will be highly appreciated.