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I kept thinking of doing this for previewing strobes. Then Nikon stopped making the model I thought made the most sense.

I do like the idea of using one for scouting but I don't see myself carrying both.

Plus those really small cameras tend to have really small screens. Even a 4x5 view glass isn't huge but next to a little P&S it's almost ocean sized. I can't imagine trying to figure much out in the field from those little screens. Unless you bring a laptop to plug into-) But then I never really understood chimping either.
I do use my dslr for proofing lighting setups. I've done very little lighting for analog photography since my return to it but I plan to start doing studio portraits with the Holga. My Ultras have tracking modeling lights and in theory, I can see how the lights are working together without doing this but the eye/brain interface corrects and compensates for things a light sensitive surface will be honest about.