O.k. Here is the deal.

I have a B.A. already, but after several years in "the real world", I am sort of thinking now that maybe I should go back to school and get a degree in fine arts with a focus on photography. Mostly because I just figure I'd like it. Regardless of any actual usefulness of course. I mean I don't plan on doing this to actually make any money (that would be silly). It's just something I'm thinking of doing.

Anywho....the school I would apply to would the University of Arizona. Which apparently has a very good program and is local to me.

My quandry is, WHICH program do I apply to? Since I already have a B.A., I could apply to the masters program in photography. But I'd need a protfolio, and apparently only 1 in 3 get in. Well, I MIGHT be able to get in, but I'd also have to TEACH, and my darkroom knowledge is minimal.

The other option is to get ANOTHER B.A., but this time in photography. Maybe then I'd go into the M.A. program (or maybe not). Of course this ADDS two years (if I go for an M.A.) and I already have a B.A. in an unrelated discipline.

So my question is this -

What should I do? Go for the B.A. or the M.A.? My concern with the M.A. is that the gaps in my knowledge would make me a poor teacher. Ineffective in fact. But a B.A. seems a bit redundant.

Any ideas here?