What I did to temp. black out my window is build a frame of 1"x1" wood and stapled on material from one of those pull shades. Painted one side black. Stapled oversized fabric and then foam on the edges. The over size fabric hangin over the sides blocks any stray light from the sides and helps hold it in the window. I just push the thing into the window frame...and instant dark. If this doesn't make sense, I could take a picture. Let me know.

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Hi everyone! I'm working on building a temporary darkroom in our bathroom upstairs, and since I still live with my parents it needs to be just that, temporary. That is, able to be set up and taken down in a moments notice. I am having trouble blocking out ALL the light form the window, its about 3x4 about. I build a cardboard insert, works well execpt for the corners. Does anyone have a cheaper way, something not as bulky as a huge insert (ie, sometihng that fits together or something?) that works. I also need to put in a light tight vent, made of cardboard perhaps, for incoming air. The bath has a fan to take air out. Any ideas on how to build one, I don't want to buy on because they are kind of pricy. THANKS!