From the Darkroom Cookbook, by Stephen G. Anchell:
You can use Farmers reducer or Kodak R-4a.
"Use a strong solution of Farmers or R-4a. For print reduction with R-4a, mix 1 part A, 1 part B and 10 to 15 parts water depending on desired rate of reduction. One methods recommends (Farmers)1 part A to 2 parts B without adding water. If you feel the action is too slow, add a little more solution A. An alternative to Farmers reducer is medicinal iodine tincture. remove the iodine by immersing print in hypo just as you would with Farmers; fix and wash. NOTE" Always use a non-hardening fixer for any after process such as reduction, intensification, toning, etc."
What is in the book is more detailed of course, but that should help prod your memory lapse.
As to safety, ALL photographic chems are toxic to one degree or another and should be handled with care and a little common sense. Good ventilation is recommended. Oh, and don't be sipping the brew even it is Farmers brew...