looks like this never got off the ground But there seems to be no reason why. What would make this work?

I have been thinking

Since I have no enlarger and can only do contacts we can start two groups. One for enlargments and the other for contacts. A person can participate in either of the exchanges or both. To keep this real easy let's start by keeping the groups easy and small, 4-5 folks in each.

The contact group will work in 4x5-8x10 to ease printing costs(plus I am not set up for anything larger) If there are those who want to shoot larger then by all means we can work that out.

Enlargements will be 35mm-4x5. If you are not able to print a certain size say so.

I am not a very good database person but will do my best to keep things organized. Instead of three negs only one is needed. This is about interpretation not a challenge. I want to see how others see my negs or another persons. Nothing scientific about this, pure artistic interpretation is all that is needed.

Should one person shoot a neg and that make the rounds, or should each shoot a neg and all send them at the same time to the first person on their list. When they get finished then they send the neg to another person. When all 4-5 people have had a shot at the neg then prints can be sent around. I suppose each peron should make 4-5 prints too so they can see what others did with the negs.

I hope this makes sense.