I shot a roll of Kodak's new 100 UC Color neg film thinking that it might be a good fit to use for fill flash with my Leica M6 TTL which flash syncs at 1/50 of a second.

Took the film to my local prolab which had recently installed a new Agfa minilab. Got the prints back and decided that the new Kodak film was a loser. I saw visible grain in the 4x6 glossies. I decided this made no sense, the 400 UC I've used before has a very fine grain structure. I looked at the prints under a magnifier and saw dots that could only be pixels. Checked with the lab; sure enough, the negs are scanned and output digitally. Besides the grainy appearance, the color looked weird and contrasty.

I check the negs with a grain magnifier in my enlarger with the print size at about 11x14. bit mushy but certainly no grain problems. This weekend I'll have to make my own analogue prints to evaluate the film.

Why is this a film is dead thread? A couple of months ago Popular Photography did story about the rapid proliferation of these digital printers and how much superior they are to conventional minilabs. Built in dodging and burning and superior color balance, plus you can get a CD of your pictures at the same time, since they scan the negs, anyway. If Joe Consumer gets his print film developed and gets results like I got, he's going to switch to digital. The output is really bad compared to a conventional print. A high quality optical print from a minilab (no, not an oxymoron in 4x6) is becoming a thing of the past.