Jeanette, Thank You was wondering if I was the only one who did not understand this.

Alex, Thank you so much for your post. From your two images I can clearly see that the first is exposed very well, on the 2nd I think it is exposed well, but because the scene has little contrast, then the resulting image is 'low contrast' - Right? Is there anything you would have done different to increase the contrast, exposure vs development?

Thought I would edit this to explain one of the reason for the post, I seem to be having to print most of my work at grade 4 or greater and seems like I may need to re-visit my personal exposure index. I realize that I could just be chosing to photograph scenes that require more contrast, and that is what I do not understand. Should I be able to expose a scene (correctly) process the film as I always do, then print on grade 2? Or is it not that simple?