Thank you for all your aswers and opinions.

When I started to think about a TLR the Yashica was the first on the list. But it seems that nice once sell for around 150 euro I started to look also at Autocord and Rolleicord. I did give the Mamiya C a thought and indeed they have a lot to offer but seem to be more bulky and also much heavier.

Concerning the three candidates mentioned - I would ilke to ask about the focusing screens. What I have heard up to now could be complilled into following:

- 124G rather dim
- Autocord - presumably brught, maby not the early models
- Rolleicord - presumbly darker than Autocord.

What is your experience?

Also - not m=being a main concern - how does shooting wide open looks with these cameras? Is it possible to get still some reasonable resolution in focus even at small apertures (up to f4). I mean - at the end to get a strong contrast between in and out of focus areas. Although out of the price range - would a 2.8F rolleiflex fare better in this sense?