I had the same thought many years ago, after getting my cheistry degree I decided I hated the lab and wanted to do something else. So I asked a friend who had a masters in fine art and he adviced me against it. One I was already very capable, second with a science degree he thought I would be bored with all the courses that had to do with testing, etc....His advice was to continue buying books, practice what I read and save the money for film and paper.
In that same vein I would advice you the same, use the money to build a kick *** darkroom, buy all the books you can get your hands on, and practice, practice, practice. In the end I think it will be more enjoyable, you do it at your own pace, and you will save a lot of money. If you feel you are missing something, take a workshop instead. The ones by John Sexton I have heard are excellent.

Also remember you have this and many other forums that can fill in the doubts and questions you might have, heck is almost like a free photo course...no?

OTOH if you are going back to college to pick up college girls, go for the BA, there is more of them there..