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I just checked the last roll of colour prints I got back from my local Kodak lab.

Pixels everywhere. I think this is outrageous. If labs are going to give customers digital prints and not photographic prints they should at least say so.

This has made up my mind. Despite a severe lack of space in my flat I am going to set up to develop b+w at home in order to avoid this.

Kodak will no longer be getting any of my business.
It's not just the mini-labs that are doing this. I recently took two rolls of 120 color neg to my local "Pro" lab with explicit instructions to process and make 5x5 glossy proofs. The proofs came back as washed out, pixellated, fuzzy 5x5's on matte paper. They were obviously made from low res digital scans. I refused to accept them and did not allow the lab to do a "remake." I also spoke directly to the lab's management and told them why I would never be back.

Fortunately, the negs were ok.