Analog supplies are not so easily obtained in Southern Ireland. With a small population here and being so close to the UK and their mail order firms, over the counter stock has never been diverse or abundant. Much less so nowadays.

Fortunatly one shop that stands ahead of any other is Gunn’s in Dublin’s Wexford Street [Opposite Whelan’s Pub and a 5 minute walk from St Stephen’s Green]. Talk to any traditional film photographer in Dublin for 10 minutes and Gunn’s will be mentioned, such is their commitment to film.

Nowhere would anyone find service as warm and friendly, the shop is family run and they certainly know (and love) their photography. They have a lab in-house and cover all the bases.

Products Stocked:
35mm: color/b+w, most brands
MF: color/b+w, most brands
LF: small amounts of b+w/color, phone them to order
Darkroom: Plenty of RC/FB b+w papers
Chemicals: Many brands of general b+w chemistry, toners etc, phone for special orders
Gunn’s also stock second hand items, darkroom accessories, filters, tripods etc.

Phone in Ireland 01 4781226
Phone International + 353 1 4781226