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Depends on what you call really cheap. Most of the lesser priced flatbed scanners which start around $100 that can scan film only scan 35mm negatives and slides. From what I've heard some of the scanners over $200 can scan medium format and because of the larger negative do a pretty nice job. I am a 35mm shooter mostly B&W and have a lower priced film scanner. Not only is it useful for scanning for the web but I find it very helpful in deciding what negatives to print in the wet darkroom. It also helps to get me started thinking about cropping and what areas need to be dogged and burned. A real pre-darkroom time saver.

Thats the main reason why i want a film scanner too, because you can't really get a good look at negatives or transparencys holding them up to a light, and it would be much more convienent then making many prints (especialyl when slide prints don't preserve the colors).

What scanner do you have?

I'd mainly use it for 35mm, but would like to be able to do MF negatives if it could, but it depends on hwo expensive. It takes a long time for me to raise up even 50 bucks, so i try to get stuff as cheap as possible for quality. I saw a bunch of flatbed scanners with adapters for around 30-50 dollars on ebay, do you guys have any idea what i should make sure that they have before i consider bidding? How many dpi, and what bit?

Thanks for all the help and quick comments, you guys are always helpful.