you can use ADOLUX just like any other liquid emulsion for your first experiments in glass plate coatings. Basically the products out donīt differ much. But they are not really intended for the use in cameras. The liquid emulsions on the market today are used to make positive prints of already existing negatives and are sensitized up to about 560nm.
This means they are orthochromatic (blind for red light) in order to be used under a red safelight and will reproduce anything red as black in the positive.
Also they are rather slow and need long exposure times.
The other problem is to get the emulsion to stick to the glass evenly.
In this matter ADOLUX will not differ much from other emulsions but you need to sub your glass plates first. Recipes for such a preparation coating should be available on the site you mentioned, else Photo Engineer can probably shake a formulary for a subbing layer right out his sleeve. I could look something up for you otherwise.

Cheers from Berlin,