I have exchanged a few PMs with Eric. He made a good point. Apparently the original idea was to have one set of negs floating around so the creative juices do not diffuse. I can see this. I can also see the person on the end of the list not getting a neg for a really long time.

What would you folks like to have happen?

Here are the options on rotation of five folks in a group:

person one shoots a set of negs prints his/her choice then sends the negs to person two and so on.

Person one and two shoot negs and prints. They send their negs to the next person on their list. Person one sends to person 2 and person three sends to person four etc.. The rotation is complete when persons one and two receive their own negs back.

Each member of the group shoots and prints a neg and each sends it to the next person.
Person one's schedule- 123451
person 2- 234512

What do you think?